Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini in Rome

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The Domus Romane archaeological site is below the 16th-century Villa Palazzo Valentini. The archaeological excavations include the remains of two Roman houses (“Domus”), including baths with frescoes, mosaics, and more.

The unique thing about this attraction in Rome is the type of exhibition. Visitors can take part in a virtual reality tour in which the excavations of Roman life are brought to life with fantastic reconstructions.

The tour through the building complexes of the Domus Romane is awe-inspiring, as many of the fantastic decorative elements of these exclusive homes have been reconstructed. As a wealthy family in Rome, no expense was spared on home decor!

Domus Romane

Visitor Information:

Foro Traiano, 85, 00186 Roma

Metro stop: Fori Imperiali / Campidoglio or Piazza Venezia
Buses: 51, 85, 87 or 119

Opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 (the last admission is at 15:00)


Roman Forum (0,3 km)
Palatine Hill (0,5 km)
Colosseum (1,0 km)
Circus Maximus (1,2 km)

Recommended exploration time:
1-2 hours

Tickets for the Domus Romane Tour must be booked online. The excavations are only accessible as part of a booked guided tour.

Tickets Domus Romane:

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Discover Domus Romane via VR tour

Palazzo Valentini was built in the 16th century and was the seat of the provincial council a few years later. In the 18th century, Prince Ruspoli and his family lived in the villa before the palazzo became the property of the Province of Rome in 1873.

To the surprise of all those responsible, several astonishing finds were discovered during excavations in 2005. Directly beneath the palazzo, lavishly decorated baths and the homes of influential Roman families dating back to the 4th century AD were found.

The site was initially filled in when Palazzo Valentini was built 400 years earlier. As a result, the remains of these ancient buildings were unknowingly preserved. Since 2010, the excavations of the Domus Romane have been open to the general public.


Thanks to an ingenious virtual reality reconstruction, you get a wide range of sophisticated insights, significant lighting effects, and more! A tour of the “Domus” shows you what life was like for wealthy families back then.

You can discover the individual living areas and get an idea of the kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms. The beautiful wall mosaics and marble decorations you will see during your tour are fascinating.

Tickets for the Domus Romane Tour must be booked online. The excavations are only accessible as part of a booked guided tour. Incidentally, the Trajan’s Column is located directly opposite the Palazzo Valentini!

Where is the Palazzo Valentini located?

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